Nuclear and its power

When I was a child my father told me like this about his job,

‘I works in National Nuclear Department that is a place which high radiation take place. You know nuclear can be a small things but It can be a great and dangerous things too.”

After that I talked to my father again

‘Wow… know well about your job, Dad. can you tell me more about nuclear.’

He looked at my face deeply and explained again with patient.

‘Nuclear almost the same with atom, how could I said that because Nuclear is the smallest or it is like particle which build something, this eraser example, this eraser has many part inside and it smallest part called atom.’

he said again, ‘have your teacher explained about atom? Yes, of course I have looked on your book, called it Iran, America, Pakistan, or called it Indonesia, each country learned about that one, Nuclear can be a great bomb and really makes the death rate increase, you know. There are so many formulas to destroy this earth easily.’

I cut his speaking ‘ I’ll tell you that nagasaki and hiroshima is the one which makes a high rate of nuclear victims.”

He answered,” Yeah you’re right. This time Nuclear be a popular topic to be discussed. Nuclear has a high radiation that can destroy human body easily depends on the formulas.”

it seems so dangerous when he explain about that I don’t know that nuclear is a  smallest things and a biggest things in my mind.

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