an exhibition in Jogja Gallery

Location: north east of North Square (alun-alun utara), Jogjakarta

I don’t know why I wrote this, just because the guard of Jogja  Gallery didn’t permit the visitors take photos or pictures inside the gallery. Alright Idul Fitri’s holiday my younger sister had had a task to visit Jogja  Gallery and make a report about that place. Firstly, both of us didn’t know what inside the gallery are. And you know what; there are many photos that showed how Indonesia builds its nation, Indonesian’s struggle to reach its independence.  The gallery provides many photos from 1945 till 1950 and the collections of Mr. Soekarno, Mr. Moh. Hatta, and Mr. Moh Roem . There are their clothes, their shoes, and their books (Mr. Roem ‘s books exactly).  The photos is sold and the price is 2 million rupiahs for every photos, and there are souvenirs outside include the books of Soekarno and Indonesian’s struggle.

Like I said before the guard didn’t permit the visitors take the photos but I have ignored the rule and I took the photos. Here they are:



FKY Benteng Vredeburg

Karena banyak stand yang belom buka, adekku bosen ada di sana akhirnya aku ambil foto-foto sebagian dari stand yang udah buka di Festival Kesenian Yogyakarta, abis datengnya kepagian sih kayaknya buka malam deh stand-stand di sini. check out thid picture

yang lagi nglukis

yang lagi ngukir


catur kardus

teknik boga uny

buku loakan

a shirt

forest painting