Extrovert vs Introvert

Now, I’m going to discuss about extrovert and introvert.

From my point a view, I had an assumption that being yourself is the most important. But, I also had an argument that we must to qualified to be the person that personally achieved by public and  to be an extra ordinary.

So, I recently think that people with extrovert personality more attractive and accepted by public, and more interesting than the introvert ones.

Why is it matter?

One. Extrovert loves to work with people, fast learner and multitasking. Different with introvert, a person that loves going alone by themselves and enjoy working individual.

Second. Extrovert persons able to join a discussion with several persons and have their opinions blown up.While Introvert persons feel in peace with their opinion, no need to share to others.

Third. The most exciting happen is the extrovert person comes out with spontaneous moves, easy going, and flexible character. Unfortunately, introvert person is so careful, worry, insecure, and not flexible.

Those are why extrovert person easy to make friends, enjoy to be with many people around. People with extra ordinary character could be meant as extrovert itself. Extrovert person can be more interesting than introvert person. If you know what I meant. By the way, this critical thinking is taken from 99+ tips job’s hunting and way basic personality career by wardah.

It’s a kind hurting my self when I read that again. I failed on the career test. I thought they need more extrovert person (Not like me) to build their company. It was just a little review after renew my blog in 10fing. Regards, Puput is here and ready to rock the world!

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