IPF (Industrial Plantation Forest)

This essay will discuss about Industrial Plantation Forest (IPF) but in Indonesian usually we call it HTI (Hutan Tanaman Industri).

IPF is it useful for human being or not?

The fundamental term why this is a very important issue to be discussed is that Industrial Plantation Forest may change our life. Maybe there are lot of people don’t know about IPF. Why? Because they never care with the forest and of course what inside the forest are.

The government has taken a part of this kind of issue. Government made many policies of forest include about IPF.  And the law or the policies are the forest should reduce the carbon dioxide on the air and useful for human being. There are other specification of this: the IPF shouldn’t disturb the society around the forest area and shouldn’t be implemented in the forest area or forest area shouldn’t change become IPF.

But there is an idea from the government of NAD (Nangroe Aceh Darrusalam) to make IPF in the forest area (KEL-Kawasan Ekosistem Leuser or Leuser Ecosystem area) and this government really wants it. The government thought that IPF useful for human being but the opposition, the society itself against that case.

The government has decided to make a new artificial forest. The artificial forest is an Industrial Plantation Forest. Industrial Plantation Forest is a forest that consists of trees or plants such as timber for furniture, rattan, or rubber and many others. The forest is thought useful for human being because the plants inside the forest can be made furniture, table and encourage industrial development.

Meanwhile the society is against the government’s statement. Forest area (the natural one) can reduce the carbon dioxide more than the artificial one. Forest area contributes all needs and gives pure water resources too. The forest provide well life circle. The society around forest has enjoyed with the natural one and this old one is not disturb the society if there is a logging like the industrial one do.

The government doesn’t care about that the law or the policy will be ignored and the government still stands on its case. The natural one gives better impact then the industrial one. No natural resources if the forest area will be cut down.  Timber or rattan may be useful but it is not the same as the genuine one. The original one has protected the diversity inside include the animals and plants.

Cutting down the trees for the sake of personal gain is so selfish. The government now feels free to decrease the natural resources although there is a policy. Government makes policy and violate by itself. The forestry government should stop this and give authority to the society to speak up. Let’s make a better life.


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